Our Program

After School

Hampstead Hills Academy after-school Program

Each coach directs an after-school program for their team at least once per week. The class consists of a 15 to 25-minute lesson, followed by 30 minutes of guided play. Finally, 5 to 10 minutes are allotted for cleanup and a recap of what was learned, relating chess principles to the principles of life.  During the class, our coaches monitor and evaluate games to keep track of progress and form tournament-ready teams!

We pride ourselves on providing students with an array of opportunities to grow as chess players and compete among their peers. BKCL Tournaments are free for all students in the program. Organizing at least one tournament per month encourages students to work together during the after-school lesson, as they are all on the same mission of overall team improvement. Through different formats, we introduce students to many ways of playing chess, from “Blitz” to “Classical,” “Swiss,” and “Quads,” even variants like “Chess960” and “Bughouse.” Throughout the year, coaches select their most prepared players to represent the Baltimore Kids Chess League at city-wide, state and national events.


Middle School City-Wide Champioships '24

Community Events

Chicago Exhibition '23

Throughout the year, we organize community events and gatherings for our coaches and students to meet and strategize. From fundraisers at local establishments to exhibitions and simultaneous matches, we keep our students active and involved. Every Wednesday, we hold a group lesson from 4 pm to 6 pm at the Weinberg YMCA in Waverly. Spreading the love of chess to all members of the community helps form long lasting bonds both on and off the board.