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At what age should my child start learning chess?

  • There isn’t a fixed age for introducing chess, but many children start around 5 or 6 years old. However, some children may show interest even earlier. The key is to ensure they’re mentally ready to understand the basic rules and concepts.

How can I support my child’s interest in chess without pressuring them?

  • The best approach is to foster a supportive and encouraging environment without placing undue pressure on your child to excel. Offer opportunities to play and learn without making it feel like a mandatory activity. Encourage them to participate in chess events with piers of their own age and skill level, to improve along-side others.

What are the benefits of children learning chess?

  • Chess offers numerous benefits for children, including improved cognitive skills like critical thinking, concentration, memory, and problem-solving. It also teaches valuable life skills such as patience, sportsmanship, and strategic planning. Some studies even suggest that chess can enhance academic performance in subjects like math and reading.

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